Nursing Year 2

So this is the year where everything means something… Pretty daunting thought. Although there wasn’t much hand holding in year 1, this is a whole new level; like stop, look, listen and cross the road all on your own.

Its been a few months since I blogged and there’s reason for that. It’s been hectic. I had a ten week placement in respiratory and wow -that needs a post all to itself (which I will do). It was amazingly intense and I feel very lucky.

I did some travelling in the summer break too. I thought I should give some time to my other love; the thing that gets me through all the tough times whilst I learn to nurse… Coffee. So I took a flight to Seattle where there lives a coffee shop on every corner. Another bonus was being surrounded by so many others that love it too. It was the perfect retreat to reflect and re-energise for year two.

September has started with us all attending our optional modules. I picked cognitive behavioural therapy and human behaviour & introduction to counselling which I am extremely happy about as they are both very interesting subjects. Not only am I adding to my nursing skills tool box by learning these topics but also gaining even more insight into myself and developing my self awareness. This is something I have been working on for a couple of years whilst working / studying in the health care sector. I decided back then to change my mindset to become a mindful positive person visualising my day to day activities and long term goals. It has worked like magic, so commencing the year with these modules has gone hand in hand with who I’ve become so far as a practitioner.

My academic goal for the semester is to improve on my academic writing so I booked onto Wordscope a workshop developed by Canadian senior lecturer Dr Carson Bergstrom. He actually delivers the sessions so my friend and I met him today -he’s a legend and with his help we are sure to be heading for a first haha! (Confidence is key!) someecards_peoplwhowrite

When friends become family

img_0287When people say “The friends you will meet at university will often become friends for life.” they are correct but more specifically to us “The friends you will meet whilst studying nursing at university will become more like family.”

No one outside of nursing school can empathise with you like these girls can; you literally get through the thick of it together. You share experiences, talk about life problems, stress about assessments, vent, laugh, cry and cuddle. I can honestly say no matter what I have done in the past I have never met a group of friends like these.15b3b75720e1ead86c3900a5a9bb5cefTo be a nurse isn’t what you do it’s who you are.” These friends are truly wonderful people, after all they are future nurses who naturally care about others.

Our group mainly includes six of us and within the first couple of weeks of meeting we created a chat group on Facebook messenger. This group goes all day and sometimes into the night -“Beep a de beep beep!” It really is great and so funny. We chat about everything; either to do with nursing or just life in general.

We are all constantly trying to empower each other to eat well and exercise – this is constantly ongoing and to be honest I don’t think it will ever end over the next two years! Our latest is deciding that at the end of the course once we have qualified (Summer 2018) we are going on a girls holiday to let loose!

May the Fourth be with us: Semester 3

Semester 3 has begun and things have started to get super interesting.
For the first two semesters all three nursing disciplines were in lectures together but now we are out there in the big wide world ON OUR OWN – yes okay, not quite yet.
Lectures began with an ‘Introduction to Adult Nursing’ with Mike Barker -(awesome lecturer by the way) He gave us a great insight into what we could expect over the next couple of months and also presented to us his nursing career from the beginning to the present day; it was totes emosh. (I’m only making light of this since I did actually shed a tear during the lecture)
Hearing about the places that nursing has taken him to and everything he’s experienced really was inspirational. The finishing slide ended with ‘Where will your journey take you?’ 

I’ve noticed a few faces missing during lectures and word has it that some students have left our cohort. I guess this is the time where people decide if nursing is for them or not ’cause lets face it, it is most definitely not for the faint hearted.
Excitement has kicked in around campus with everyone finding out their final placement of the year. I have been placed on a respiratory ward which I am really looking forward to.
We also had our end of year mathematics SNAP exam published today; which I got 100% on -yay! I definitely recommend using the SNAP practice assessments as they really get your brain working and help you to revise.

So as this weirdly appropriate day comes to a close I say (as Yoda would) “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” I guess the force needs to be with us as we journey on and explore what the world of nursing has to offer…